I’m Back!

So there’s been a bit of a lull in my knitting life lately as I’ve been settling into the whole routine of waking up at 5:30 am, going to work, then rushing home to shower, change, and make it to physio on time. It’s  been such a joy to get back to work. I really needed this. As much as I enjoyed drinking coffee and spinning all day, I can’t be away from the trees and chainsaws for so long without developing a strong yearning to get dirty, smelly, and tired. Not to mention how much I start to miss the companionship of a bunch of dirty, smelly boys. Sure, my kittens keep great company, but it’s not quite the same.

Remember, I had only been working at a new company for about a week before I broke my arm. I barely had enough time to memorize everyone’s name, never mind get to know anyone personally. When the accident happened, I was already quite unsure about my decision to change companies, and quite apprehensive about my new co-workers. I wasn’t sure I fit in very well. To then disappear for a month and a half at the start of a new season, I was excited but very nervous to go back. I really didn’t know what kind of reception to expect. It’s been just over a week since I returned to work, and I have to say that it’s such a relief to find that everyone has been very welcoming. My initial awkwardness is toning down a bit as I think people are beginning to figure out who I am: a vulgar, nerdy weirdo. Who knits.

Finally, this weekend, I got back to the needles. I’m happy to announce that Moonraker is complete! Nearly.wpid-psx_20150531_105522.jpgThe knitting part is finished. Of course there remain many ends to weave in because despite my ambition to weave them in as I go, I will never be so disciplined. That’s a fact that I have come to accept over the years. Then I will lightly block it, and then I will snuggle up into its squishiness.

Gladys – my spinning wheel – got a good workout this weekend too. I finished two 100 gram skeins of natural mohair which I purchased from Wellington Fibres.

wpid-dsc_0420.jpgwpid-dsc_0425.jpgThis yarn is just scrumptious. It is so light and airy, and so soft. There’s none of that scratchiness that occasionally comes along with mohair fibre. I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Immediatel after setting those two skeins to dry, I grabbed another 100 gram bag of mohair to begin spinning.wpid-img_20150531_111305.jpgThat beautiful bundle of wool comes from Spring Harvest Farms in Stony Plain, Alberta. My mom sent it to me as a gift over a year ago, but I’ve been hanging onto it until I knew exactly how I wanted to work it. I spent all day spinning up the entire bag of fibre. The skein is currently hanging to dry therefore I will photograph it tomorrow. Although it is still wet,  I love how the yarn turned out. It’s slightly rougher than the undyed skeins, but it has an amazing mohair halo enveloping a shimmery green strand. So lovely!

These yarns will likely not be listed on Etsy, however. Earlier in the month, I briefly mentioned that I might have so exciting news regarding my yarn. Well, I’ve been asked to contribute to a new, up-and-coming mobile yarn store in my local area. It’s not official yet; I have not yet signed onto anything, but as soon as things are settled, I will provide more details. And a yarn giveaway, to celebrate.

It feels good to be back. I will probably be less active with spinning, now that I’m working again. But I will try my best to keep the blog up to date as much as possible. No more blackouts. I hope.






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