Gonna Need a Montage

Last night I tried to put on a pair of pajama bottoms. Yes, tried. And failed. When clothing designed to be baggy and comfortable gets too tight to fit over your thighs, it might be a sign you’ve put on a little weight. No wonder, considering I’ve essentially been off work since December. Seasonal lay-off was on December 19th, and I only managed to get a few days of work into the new season before breaking my arm. As much as I can try to convince myself that a spinning wheel is a good substitute for a stationary bike, my waist has not been fooled. (What if I just set the tension real high to increase resistance….?….Ok, ok, fine.)

It’s been nearly a week since the cast was removed, and I’m attending physio three days a week. My arm feels pretty darn good. There is some stiffness in the wrist from being immobilized for so long, but no pain associated with the bone fracture. So I have been given the go-ahead to begin regular exercise provided that I do not put weight on my left arm. That means no weight-lifting, push-ups, or pull-ups. Which is fine, since I know my strength will come back quickly once I start climbing trees again. In the meantime I can focus mainly on cardio, which is really where I feel the need to improve. It’s a bad sign when you get winded from climbing the stairs to the second floor washroom.

Sunday, I bought myself a new pair of trainers as encouragement to really get out there and start running. My old ones are about 9 years old and falling apart; an excuse I always use to avoid going for a run. I went out this morning with no particular goal in mind, only the intention of running until I couldn’t run anymore. I expected to maybe make it around the block. But I managed to do 4.3 km in 35 minutes. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I feel really good and I look forward to getting out there every day. On top of that, I walk 2 km to physio (and 2 km back home) three days a week. So, hopefully this will help counteract the sedentary lifestyle to which I’ve been exposed for the past little while.


One thing is for sure: my knitting bone has been getting a good workout lately. I’ve been carrying Moonraker around everywhere with me. It’s growing. Slowly. wpid-img_20150511_144957.jpgOnce again I was deceived by the gradual increases! This happens every time I knit a shawl or similar item. When you start a shawl by casting on, say, two to five stitches and then increase every other row, the initial progress goes so quickly. I’m just flying through this! It’ll be done in no time. I’m such a pro! I think to myself. Surely enough, the progress eventually slows down as your stitch count gets higher and higher. Duped again!

Funny enough, the opposite happens when I’m knitting a sweater. I’ll cast on a few hundred stitches, and it feels like an eternity has passed by the time I finish the first three inches of ribbing on the bottom. As time goes by, however, one inch of progress feels like such an accomplishment. Look at that! I’m done one whole inch already, and it only took an hour!

Although I’ve been devoting so much time to knitting, I have been getting in a bit of spinning time here and there. Currently on the wheel is this nice red and pink striped merino which I’m spinning up quite finely. However, I find the camera never accurately picks up reds and pinks. It looks almost cherry red in the photo, but it’s much duller and more tomato soupy in person. wpid-dsc_0361.jpg

All I need now is a fabulous montage of my daily routine set to Eye of the Tiger: working out, knitting, spinning, drinking beer, cuddling kittens….epic.




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