commitment issues

One would think, logically enough, that it would be easy to find a suitable pattern somewhere among my 500+ saved favourites on Ravelry. Afterall, I decided to scrap the progress I made on Woodruff because it was much too sloppy from attempting to knit with my arm in a cast. Now I have so many negative associations with that piece. The pattern is lovely, and I do plan on making those socks. Just not at the moment.

For my first project in six weeks, I needed the perfect pattern. It was most likely going to be a shawl, but I was really open to anything. The only caveat was that the pattern had to call for a very fine yarn, as I was just dying to use the white and red skeins of fingering weight merino that I spun up over winter. wpid-dsc_0346.jpg

There were also a couple skeins of laceweight Corriedale in my stash, from back when I was learning to use a spinning wheel. They are quite over-spun, and as someone may politely refer to as “crisp” (let’s be honest, they’re pretty rough and scratchy), but I would be very happy if I could find a way to incorporate them into this project.

wpid-dsc_0348.jpgBeing a rational human being, the first place I searched for a pattern was in my Ravelry favourites. All that kept crossing my mind was “daaaaaamn, I have good taste!” I love ALL. THE. PATTERNS. The trouble was, I didn’t particularly have anything that suited my chosen yarns. Sure, it’s possible to use multiple colours on any one of the shawls, and I considered that option. I’d analyze the photos and see what would make sense as a nice spot for a colour-change. But I wasn’t a hundred percent satisfied. Additionally, the shawl patterns that were charted for multiple colours consisted of fairly small stripes, which I wasn’t very keen on for white and red. That would look a bit too candy cane-like. Too Christmas.

Hours upon hours (no exaggeration) did I scour the depths of Ravelry to find that perfect pattern. It was then that I discovered that I have some serious commitment issues. When it comes to knitting, anyway. I fall in love with each and every pattern I see, but am always so hesitant to move forward with it. Last night, I cast-on, knit a few inches, and frogged three separate shawls prior to settling on the right – the perfect – one.

First was Vanilla Orchid by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes. This shawl is beautiful and light, and would make perfect summer-evening knitwear. Red and white though? No. Not the right colours. I tried casting on with the aubergine Corriedale, but could not get a nice guage. Nope, this would not do!

The second attempt was Sashiko by The Knit Cafe Toronto. I first saw this cowl on display at the Knitters Frolic. It is simple and elegant. Just stunning. Alhough it is knitted with a  strand of Madeline Tosh Prairie held together with Shibui Silk Cloud (mohair and silk), I thought I could get a different-but-interesting effect by using my handspun. After a few rows, I decided against it. There is much better yarn in my stash for this project! Maybe it will be my next endeavor.

Thirdly, I cast-on for Ropedance by Melanie Berg. Surely this was going to the the one. It was the one I could see myself settling down with. Spending the rest of our lives together. Until….

While perusing the forum discussions on Ropedance, this hot little number caught my eye: Moonraker. Also by Melanie Berg. Back to frogging! So, I started on Moonraker. I knitted, and knitted, and knitted some more, until before I knew it, it was well past midnight. Decent progress was made. And I’m in love (big surprise).


wpid-img_20150508_144723.jpgThe wonderful thing about knitting is, you don’t have to settle on just one piece. It may take a long time, but one of these days I will have knitted ALL. THE. PATTERNS.



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