Cast Off; Cast On!

Oh glorious day! Six long weeks have passed since I first injured my arm. It feels like an eternity. Finally, though, finally my arm is sans cast and I’m eager to get back to work. Unfortunately I have to wait another three weeks before I can return to modified duties. There is still a risk of re-injury if I put too much force on my arm. It’s a bummer, but at least now I can knit!

It’s quite surprising how strange my arm felt when the cast was first removed. Alien like, even. I was expecting some weakness, but the extent really threw me for a loop. After a few hours, a lot of the stiffness cleared up, and even though it is still quite weak, the physiotherapist was very impressed with my range of motion and strength. I attribute that to all the yarn spinning. It’s good therapy. And I have been spinning up a storm. Check out the new yarns I’ve listed on Etsy. There are some really scrumptious ones, and a few more in the works. Also, I may have some big news, in the near future, regarding my yarn. So stay tuned for how things are shaping up and evolving.

For now, I hear the call of the needles. It’s been way, way too long, my pretties. Time to cast on!


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