I guess I’m pretty lucky

The nice weather is here and all I want is to climb a tree! These sunny, warm-but-not-hot days are perfect for working. As I stroll through my neighbourhood, I keep my head up, looking at all the mature trees and imagine the sensation of swinging from branch to branch. No, really. This is my office.

treemegHave I mentioned that I love my job?

It’s tempting to whine about how unfair it is that I am stuck on the ground for the next little while, but with only six days left in a cast, I keep getting little glimpses into how fortunate I really am. As far as wood chipper accidents are concerned, I think I got off pretty easy. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment, and while waiting for the bus, a gentleman approached me and asked about my arm. He advised me not to pick fights with machinery. Machines always win. Then he pointed to his prosthetic leg. A bad encounter with a Baler. Yep, I am pretty lucky.

My dental hygienist also had a broken-bone story to tell. She slipped on a rock during a hike and then walked hobbled the four kilometres back to her car with a broken leg. Being immobilized for six weeks sounds horrible enough, but then you have to basically re-learn how to walk. A broken left arm? It’s more of a nuisance than anything.

So I may not be able to climb trees for now, but my days are not looking too bad. I get to sit outside on the patio with a beer and a spinning wheel


Zoom in a little bit…..yeah, that’s right. My beer mug does in fact have “K2TOG” etched into it.

wpid-img_20150428_154027.jpgCould be worse. If anything, the time off work and the inability to knit have allowed me to focus on spinning. I’ve really been honing my skills. Each skein gets better and better, and I love each and every one of them. My latest creations are these gorgeous baberpole plied skeins of mint and olive.

Each skein is 100g, 225 yards, 100% Corriedale. Spun from Ashford fibre that I purchased from Gemini Fibres’ booth at the Toronto Knitters Frolic

The photo was taken prior to soaking. Those skeins are currently hanging on a doorknob to dry, then they will be properly photographed and listed on Etsy.

I’ve been thinking of doing a little yarn giveaway contest soon. I am not too sure yet which yarn to offer, so stay tuned for details. Who doesn’t love free yarn?

And your German word of the day is: die Türklinke [the door handle]




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