It’s WIP Wednesday!

Hashtags. I am not a fan of them. I rarely use them, other than ironically. Today however, let us rejoice for #wipWednesday! For today is the first day in about four weeks that I can actually say I have a work in progress. What a wonderful feeling it is!

At my last orthopedic checkup, the doctor said my arm was healing perfectly and we’ve scheduled an appointment to remove the cast on May 6th. Until then, I’m still going to avoid knitting simply because it involves too much wrist twisting – of which I am physically incapable – and because it is much too frustrating to hold onto a needle with a cast over my palm. For now, all my works in progress are of the handspun variety. Not that I’m complaining.

I’m so happy to be able to spin again. When my arm initially broke, it was too painful to draft fibre. On top of that, my biggest fear was over-exerting my arm to the point of requiring surgical repair of the fracture. I’m in the clear now, and you’d better believe I’m back at the wheel.

My good friend Tammy (from the blog Twisted and Hammered) attended the SCACA Celebration of the Arts festival back in March, and since I wasn’t able to go, I gave her a fibre budget and told her to use her best judgement. I’d say she did.

wpid-dsc_0219.jpgShe’s been hanging onto the fibre for a month now. This past Saturday, I finally got my hands on it. I haven’t taken my hands off it since. It’s certainly been keeping me busy.

Currently on the wheel – or in other words, my #wipWednesday show and tell – is this striking little beauty:

60 g  of 100% merinoThat is 100% merino which I separated into two equal-by-weight portions. On the left is the first completed bobbin. I hope to get the remaining fibre spun up onto a second bobbin by the end of this evening so that it can be plied tomorrow.wpid-img_20150422_125204.jpgAnd a close-up of the bobbin.wpid-dsc_0256.jpgFancy another WIP? You got it! This one is at a much later stage of progress.wpid-img_20150422_124433.jpgHanging on a doorknob to dry is a single-spun yarn in varying shades of mossy green, teal, burnt orange, and taupe (granted, it’s difficult to tell by the photo due to poor lighting and the yarn being wet).

wpid-img_20150422_124509.jpgOnce these yarns are completed, you bet your buttons they’ll be for sale in my Etsy shop. For now, take a peak at my latest completed yarn which is already for sale. wpid-img_20150422_111424.jpgwpid-img_20150422_111239.jpgwpid-img_20150422_132606.jpgAnd you didn’t even have to wait until #foFriday.

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