Sunny with a Chance of Rain

I can barely contain my excitement, you guys. Look at this sweater!

Sunny with a Chance of Rain. Photo courtesy of TouchMeNot
Sunny with a Chance of Rain. Photo courtesy of TouchMeNot

Isn’t it simply gorgeous? That cutie was knitted by the lovely and talented Raveler, TouchMeNot. Please take a moment to check out her projects page; you will be very happy you did. Her style is so soft and warm, with a comforting subtlety expressed through intricate patterns. I love how her use of neutrals and earth tones is interrupted by a splash of vibrant colour here and there. One’s knitting style is such a reflection of their character, is it not?

The reason I’m so thrilled with this wee jumper is because it’s made from some handpsun yarn that I gifted to TouchMeNot. It’s one thing to use my own handspun myself, or to gift it to good friends who will praise it no matter what. There’s an entire other level of nervousness involved in giving it away to someone who is a casual acquaintance – and an experienced knitter! So many worries cross my mind. Is it soft enough? Even enough? Is it too scratchy? Too dense? Over-spun? Under-spun? Does the colour transition nicely? So you can imagine how ecstatic I am to see the result.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the fibre, but I used 50 g each of dyed and natural un-dyed BFL top. I spun the dyed and un-dyed top separately into two singles, then plied them together like so:

100 g handspun fingering weight BFL

Yellow has always been my least favourite colour, so I thought that plying it with white would mellow out its brigthtness, and help the transition into grey. It did help a bit, but the yellow was still a little Ball1_medium2bright for my own personal liking. I think that’s why I adore the sweater so much… By alternating my yarn with stripes of solid white, TouchMeNot achieved the exact result I was hoping for.

The final product, Sunny with a Chance of Rain, is so apropos this time of year. Every day teases me with fluctuating temperatures and clear skies violently broken by heavy downpours. Like the sweater, this weather is filling me with joy. The rain and warmth are bringing out things in my garden. Though I can’t do any yard work yet, I still like to sit outside with my cats and inspect every little bud and sprout popping up.

Ginkgo on an Ash cookie
A trouble-making drunk gnome. Cannot be trusted

Tomorrow is my next follow-up at the hospital. We’re not expecting any rain, so I’m going to walk there again and hopefully avoid the calamity that was my previous visit. I’ll find out tomorrow whether or not my arm requires surgery. I must admit I’m quite anxious about the prognosis. I have this horrible gut feeling they’re going to tell me that I do need surgery. I’ve been taking such care to keep my left arm as inactive as possible, so I pray that the X-ray shows improvement. Fingers crossed! (Or in German: “Daumen drücken” [thumbs pressed])

Ok. One more. I can’t resist.

Photo courtesy of TouchMeNot

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