Crisis Averted

Calm down. No need to panic.  There was a minor mishap, but now that it’s been fixed, it seems much less catastrophic.

Don’t get me wrong; I adore my set of Addi Click needles.  I love how lightweight they are.  I love how smoothly they knit and the sound of the metal clinking with each stitch. I love that, because they are interchangeable, I almost always have the pair of needles necessary for every project.  I love that I feel like a knitting James Bond every time I open the case and have to assemble my weapon. And I love how easily the needles attach – with a simple click – to the circular cord…..usually.

Today, the needles let me down. I was TWO rows away from binding off a project that I’ve been working on for months. I’m afraid I can’t give away too many details because it is a gift for a friend, but I can tell you that it is a lace project with more stitches per row than I’d like to count.  As I eagerly knit away, the end was in sight. I was amping myself up, getting prepared to bind off a bazillion stitches. Just two more rows. Two. AND THEN…

I noticed a bunch of live stitches hanging out, off the needle, mid-row. Sure enough my needle had un-clicked from the cord. Rather than calmly try to remedy the situation, I broke down. Hours upon hours of itty-bitty lace knitting can make a monster out of any rational human being.  There was some growling. Some curse words were thrown around. I even found a way to somehow blame the cat for this mishap. Tears were on their mark, getting set… But just before I threw the entire project on the grill and sent it back to the fiery  hell from whence it came, I composed myself, picked up a spare needle, caught the loose stitches, and everything was perfectly fine.

A tad bit of an overreaction? Maybe.  I really have a lot invested in this project though. I want it to be perfect. More importantly: I want it to be COMPLETED.  After fixing the dropped stitches, the last two rows went off without a hitch.  Now I must focus on the bind-off which is an entirely new ordeal.  This pattern calls for a crochet bind-off.  It is such a stunning pattern, I have to get this right.  Unfortunately for me, I’m convinced that crochet is the Devil’s needle craft.  I could never get the hang of it.  My tension is always off.  It all feels so flimsy and awkward. Never mind that I’m working with a lace weight merino/silk blend yarn and a crochet hook that is practically invisible.  All the effort will be worth it in the end. I am so excited to show you the final project, but that won’t be for nearly another month.  Tonight I’d like to finish up this crochet bind-off and get to blocking so that tomorrow I can finally cast-on for Woodruff!





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