It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here!  There is but a teeny-tiny little patch of snow remaining in my backyard.  Green things are poking through the soil.  The temperature is still a bit chilly, but that hasn’t stopped me from opening the windows.  A cool breeze is a welcomed change from the hot blast of furnace air that’s been drying out my skin all winter.  This little bit of fresh air is making the cats go bonkers though.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I’m happy to announce that I’ve re-opened my Etsy shop: ginkgoknit.  There’s not too much up there at the moment.  Only a few skeins of handspun.  Nevertheless, it’s back in business.  I will update it quite regularly, as I can whip up a skein in no time using my wheel.

Have I mentioned that I DSC_0143absolutely love my wheel?  She’s a Kromski Minstrel in a mahogany finish which I purchased from Gemini Fibres.  Her name is Gladys after a kickass lady that I know.

When I was in the market for my first wheel, I must have test-driven about eleven different models.  I had never really used a wheel before, so I wasn’t too sure what qualities I was looking for.  Honestly, I chose the Kromski based, for the most part, on it’s appearance.  She is absolutely gorgeous!  She doesn’t have any fancy ball bearings, and the drive band is made from a piece of twine.  She has to be oiled before every use.  But that is what I love about her.  The old-world appeal.  That connection to the past that I feel every time I sit down to spin a new yarn.  I can’t help but envision my fore-mothers sitting by an oil lamp, spinning yarn at their heirloom wheel.  Meanwhile, I feel blessed to be able to continue a tradition and practice a long-forgotten skill, even if that oil lamp has been replaced by a computer streaming episodes of X-Files.


On the wheel right now is some lovely carbonized bamboo.  Not quite the joy to spin, but it does look nice.  Expect to see this skein up on Etsy soon.

Happy spring!




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