everything old is new again

A visit to Linda’s Craftique was very much needed this weekend.  My fibre stash is dwindling and I can’t risk running out.  A little fibre every day keeps things running smoothly around here!  So I picked out these three beauties:

100% Merino roving by Fleece Artist; 50 g each

Those should spin up quickly into nice singles which I will hopefully get up on my Etsy page soon enough.  I’ve been doing some updating on the shop so expect to see some new listings there in the near future.  At the moment I am working solely on skeins of handspun.  One of these days I’ll get some knitted pieces back up there.  But this week I accomplished very little in the ways of knitting and spinning.

This past week has been so exhausting. Physically and emotionally.  My body grew quite accustomed to the routine of waking up at some time past 9 am, brewing a pot of coffee, and sitting in my comfy chair all curled up with some knitting while I drank myself into a caffeine-induced coma. You know, the point when you’ve had so much coffee it makes you sleepy? I spent the winter knitting until my joints were sore, then maybe changing it up a little by sitting at Ye Ol’ Kromski to spin. Project-wise, I was really productive. I completed many new pieces and put the finishing touches on a lot of hibernating projects. But the winter has wreaked havoc on my body. I gained enough weight that jeans are out of the question. I can hear the zipper crying and pleading as I strain to do it up. My muscles have gone soft. Everything is weak. My entire constitution.

Getting back to work has been trying on my body and my self-esteem.  It is so frustrating when your mind wants you to work a certain way, but your muscles say “Nope.” Especially since I am starting at a new company where I feel so much pressure to prove myself, and every day I continue to make a fool out of myself.  These feelings are not new to me.  But it has been a long time since we’ve had the displeasure of acquaintance.  This is how it felt back when I started out in the tree business.  I though I’d never fit in; that maybe I had made a huge mistake. Naturally, over the course of five years I developed such a close bond with my co-workers that they are almost like family to me now.  It takes time. And I know all these old insecurities will fade.  In the meantime,  I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.

At home, this is what I’ve been doing:

Plied and wound up on a niddy noddy





Soaking in a sudsy bath
All dry and gorgeous!


I couldn’t be happier that my handspun sock yarn is ready to go. The only problem is…..


Last night, I cast-on for a different pair of socks. That pattern is California Comfortable by Dreareneeknits Designs in Berocco Ultra Alpaca, colour: Peat Mix 6277. I absolutely adore these socks. They knit up really quickly and they’re so comfortable for lounging around the house.

On a Saturday.



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