It’s not just the clocks that moved ahead this weekend.  Everything else seems to be following suit.  As cliché as it may be, spring is a time for new beginnings.  It has been a long, long while since this seasonal transition has felt so impactful.  January 1st may have been the start of the new year, but to me the new year begins tomorrow. On the 9th of March.


My idea of “the new year” never really coincided with the actual calendar year.  I remember that as a student, September always held the promise of changing old habits; of making resolutions. This time I’m really going to buckle down.  For an arborist in Southern Ontario, the new season usually starts sometime between March and April.  So in my world, the onset of spring brings with it all the optimism that New Year’s Day does.  Yet, tomorrow is different than previous seasons.  I’ve left the tree care company at which I’ve been working for five years.  Tomorrow is my first official day working at a new company.

This may come as no surprise, but I get very anxious about change.  In fact, trying to replace my [6 year-] old cell phone with one of those snazzy new smartphones nearly resulted in an emotional breakdown in the Bell Store yesterday.  But this is the time to spring forward, right? New blog, new job, new phone….bring it! (I will forever remain a technophobe though. When the robot uprising happens, don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Ah, and the new season comes with a new friend who happens to be a very talented knitter.  There’s nothing better than meeting someone with a background in forestry and an interest in knitting.  We have been Ravelry “friends” for awhile, but this DSC_0012weekend she wanted to expand her tree ID skills so we met in person and went for a walk through Mount Pleasant Cemetery.  We talked about work, family, trees.  Surprisingly little about knitting.  Honestly, there was very little crafting done this weekend, other than nearly completing my second bobbin of white merino.  Perhaps because knitting is my security blanket.  It grounds me.  It’s the one constant I know I can always rely on when things in my life start to change.  I didn’t want to get it all mixed up in the emotional chaos of this weekend.  Tomorrow evening, when I get home from my first day at work to realize that everything is ok, I will pick up my needles and cast on.

Oh. This may have also happened.

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