And so it begins


So. This is a blog.

I’ve been considering starting up a blog for quite some time, and I thought I was prepared. But now, as I stare at this blank page, all my rehearsed words and ideas come across as just that: rehearsed. Although I don’t want to publish anything full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I also don’t want to publish entries that are way too polished and over-analyzed. They should represent the kind of person I am. And those who know me, know that I am a little rough around the edges, socially awkward, and scatter-brained. Don’t be surprised if my writing style tends to reflect that.

With that in mind….here goes nothing!

As the title suggests, this is a place to talk about knitting. Remember though, this is a safe space. You won’t be judged here no matter how crazy about knitting you may be. Or how many cats you have. (To which my respective responses are: “tremendously” and “only two”)

Ginkgo and OliveIn all seriousness though, knitting is so important to me because it helps balance out the energy in my life. At work I climb trees, use chainsaws, wood chippers, and cranes. I get dirty. I’m always covered in sawdust, soil, gas, and oil. Adrenaline and testosterone drive my actions. Work hours are my destructive hours. When I get home, it’s so nice to create rather than destroy. The same satisfaction I get from dismantling a tree limb by limb is mirrored by knitting up a garment stitch by stitch. Yin and Yang.

And yet, it’s so much more than that! Even if I wasn’t an arborist, I’d still be knitting. I was knitting before I started my career. I’ve been knitting since I was four years old. I guess I was destined to work with my hands. There’s a strange beauty in the juxtaposition of a soft, elegant fibre running through these scarred and calloused fingers while the metronome of click-click-clicking knitting needles drowns out the every-present tinnitus. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and getting to know all the other insane knitters out there.

Before I draw my first ever blog entry to a close, I should probably quickly mention the projects I’m currently working on. I spent last week finishing up all UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and posting them to my Ravelry account, so you can always check them out there. At the moment, I only have one project on the needles and unfortunately I can’t post pictures because it’s a super secret surprise for someone. Fret not, lovely people. Just because I can’t show you pictures of knitting doesn’t mean I can’t show you pictures of spinning! 

100 grams of merino roving from Fleece Artist which has been spun into a 2-ply sock yarn.
Doesn’t it look lovely as a skein? I call the colour Tomato Soup.
50 grams single-spun natural merino by Fleece Artist. It’s awaiting the other 50 grams so it can be plied.
Currently spinning the last bobbin on my Kromski.

These two yarns are destined to be worked together in some sort of stranded sock pattern. Something along the lines of Woodruff. I love this pattern. It is so fresh and cute, it would be perfect for a spring knitting project.

Well, that roving is not going to spin itself. Better get crackin’.

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read my first attempt at bloghood.


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